Left Face B

Time: 2-3 hours
Last walked: Dec 2005

Left face B is a very pleasent alternative to Platteklip (which let's face it, we all hate).

It winds up across the left face of the mountain, across sheer looking cliffs and rock bands - a truly improbably looking route. But the hike itself isn't exposed, and only contains a pitch or two.

Start up Platteklip gorge, pass the contour path, and continue until the last left side corner before the path heads up into the gorge proper. This corner has a vertical section, with a large rock at the base with a feint path leading out - this isn't right. Rather at the top of the corner, is a large bush with the path behind it. Head up here.

Follow the path up the slope to the lower rock-bands. Ascend an open gully immediately to the right of a yellowish rock scar. From here traverse to the right for about five to ten minutes to a point where you can ascend some easy rock steps for about 60 metres. (Take care not to traverse too far before before you start ascending, as this will take you to very steep ground overlooking Platteklip Gorge).

After this traverse to the right for a while until further progress seems impractical. Here a short and easy rock pitch allows you to gain the next grassy terrace. At this point a grassy gully leads down to Platteklip Gorge (good escape route). On the left side of the terrace is a steep narrow gully which is badly eroded in places. Ascend this gully, moving to the left near the top, and continue up to a shoulder from where the rest of the climb can be easily scrutinised. Traverse distance to the left on a grassy strip, passing the 'Centre Left Face' route where the traverse becomes quite narrow. Continue traversing for some time then, after ascending some easy rock to a higher level, climb a short pitch. From this point follow the path leading to the right to a rock-face where the traverse narrows somewhat, and you encounter a simple step-over. From the grassy terrace around the corner follow one of a few easy ways to the top.


Left Face B FaceLeft Face B Map