Personal Preferences:

Distribution: Debian on the whole, Ubuntu on the laptop
Editor: VIM
Window Manager: I'm not too fussed, as long as I can get to terminals
MUA: several Mutts hanging out in a screen
MTA: Postfix
Language: Python (when I can't get away with bash)
Browser: Firefox
Geekcode: GAT/CS d- s++:- a-- C+++>++ UL++++$>LB++++$ P-- L+++>+++++ E--- W+++ N o? K? w--- !O M+ !V PS+>++ PE Y++(+) PGP++>+++ t- 5- X R? tv--(-) b+(++++) DI++ D+ G-- e++>+++ h-->++ r>++ y+


  • BSc IT (Computer Engineering: Computer Science + Electrical Engineering) Cape Town 2007
  • BSc Hons in IT (1st class, class medal) Cape Town 2008
  • Linux Professional Institute Level 2

Languages I'm experienced with:

  • Bash: above average
  • CSS: average
  • C: average - used at university
  • C++: average - used at university
  • Java: used for several small projects, been taught it too many times
  • Javascript: below average
  • LaTeX: average - my preferred writing tool
  • PHP: used for several small & medium projects
  • Python: preferred, and used for several small & medium projects