LTS & ELTS Report for August 2022

In August 2022 I spent 9 hours on Debian LTS.

This was largely spent investigating CVE-2022-29154 for rsync, backporting it, and then realising that it depended on the change in argument parsing behaviour in 3.2.4, so it couldn't be backported without affecting users.

I also completed the kicad upload for LTS, as previously prepared for bullseye-security.

And started on an update to netatalk.

During the month, Freexian sponsored 14 hours of Debian time which I spent on dh-python, leading to uploading dh-python 5.20220819. This was mostly bunch of minor bug-fixes, with the addition of some tests. The bug change was refactoring argument parsing (migrating to argparse) to allow -O=-foo style options to be parsed.