LTS & ELTS Report for January 2023

In January I spent 4.5 hours on Debian LTS, resulting in no uploads:

  • Work on backporting security fixes to ceph, which I still haven't tested yet, so it hasn't been uploaded.

In January I spent 0 hours on Debian ELTS. I'm cutting my LTS & ELTS hours down to 0, for the next couple of months, as I'm sailing and have more limited time.

During the month, Freexian sponsored 8 hours of 37 I spent on Debian:

A Freexian customer also sponsored some work on Debian packages:

  • Python 3.11-transition related uploads: pyobjcryst: 1 + 2, cctbx.
  • Unsticking autopkgtests: libobjcryst: 1 + 2, freesas, silx.