LTS & ELTS Report for October 2023

In October I spent 10 hours on Debian LTS:

  • Investigating the number of packages with invalid PEP-440 versions. These are problematic when using newer setuptools or pip on an older system.

  • Updating the distro-info-data database. This was more complex than usual, because the update changed a number of historical dates, breaking the distro-info test-suite.

  • Updating distro-info to account for the date changes above, and while we were at it:

    • Generate valid PEP-440 versions for the python module in stable updates.
    • Handle unknown extra columns in the CSV data, allowing us to more easily backport distro-info-data updates in the future.

In October I spent 3 hours on Debian ELTS, on the same distro-info-data and distro-info update tasks.